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Through the Net: The LeBrons, Rope, Business

The Show is On - LeBron James' anticipated cartoon The LeBrons premiered today, with the first 7 minute episode conveying the valuable "two wrongs don't make a right" life lesson. James voices the Business character appropriately, as brands like HP and Monster Beats can be clearly seen in the video. Like The Decision, part of the profits from The LeBrons will be donated for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Groundbreaking it is not, and we're not sure where it's headed but there is much worse out there for kids to lose brain cells. Video Below:


Grabbing on to the Rope, Together - LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra have not always seen eye-to-eye, no different than any two strangers with a fresh slate and a big goal ahead. Time, the Miami Heat's best ally, has allowed them both to bond, grow and learn together. A relationship fruitful to Miami's championship hopes. Bill Reiter from Fox Sports on both forming a genuine bond:

"Spo and my relationship is still growing, still growing, and we thrive on the pressure and we thrive on the hatred that's been directed at our team," he said.

Recently, in the 150 seconds that make up most timeouts, LeBron and Spoelstra have been in a kind of mind meld.

"Sometimes -- a lot of times actually now -- during timeouts I start to diagram something and he says, 'Coach, can I say something,' almost like he's a student in class,'" Spoelstra said. "And I'll say, 'Yeah, absolutely, quickly, we got 2-1/2,' so I can assimilate it and then possibly translate it to the team.

"Sometimes we're not even finishing sentences with each other. He'll say something and I know exactly what he's talking about," Spoelstra said, snapping his fingers, his words coming out faster, his voice fired up. "And I'll say something and I'm halfway through my sentence and he'll finish my sentence and we go to explain to everybody else and everyone's sitting in the huddle there going, 'What just happened there?'

"A lot of times we finish each other's thoughts in the huddle, and that only happens if a player is really dialed in to the game and the details."

More Business - James is the new owner of a minority stake in the soccer club Liverpool.