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Celtics vs. Heat Game 5: After the celebration- postgame audio

Following the Heat's impressive come from behind victory over the Celtics in Game 5 in which Dwyane Wade and LeBron James were absolutely incredible, the two were so elated that they showed quite a bit of emotion on the court.  Exorcising demons and getting past a team that neither of them had been able to in their careers was a big deal, and they weren't shy about showing their joy.

Regardless of how they choose to celebrate they were going to be scrutinized, so at least they did what their natural reaction was.  Once all the on-court festivities were over, the Heat's Big 3 and their coach had lengthy pressers with the media.  If you want to hear what they all had to say, I have all the audio for you after the jump.  As is the norm, just click on the file and it should play in your browser.

Erik Spoelstra- LeBron at end and whole game was awesome

Erik Spoelstra- Overtaking Boston took months of work

Erik Spoelstra- Tinkering with the lineup was a challenge for me

Erik Spoelstra- We coveted the matchup with Boston

Erik Spoelstra- We left it all on the court

Erik Spoelstra- We ratcheted up the defense

Erik Spoelstra- We relied on all LeBron had to offer

Chris Bosh- I feel blessed to be on this squad

Chris Bosh- I went through a lot of shit to get here

Chris Bosh- On his late 4th quarter dunk past Garnett

Chris Bosh- Our late 4th quarter defense was stellar

Chris Bosh- Thanks fans and praises Celtics

LeBron James- Boston laid the groundwork for our type of team

LeBron James- Great playing along side my friend

LeBron James- His thoughts as he knelt after the game

LeBron James- Kudos to Riley for winnig exec of year

LeBron James- Regular season failures helping us now

LeBron James- Tells Cleveland fans he's sorry

LeBron James- Tells fans to catch Wade when he's in stands

LeBron James- What does it feel like to beat Boston

Dwyane Wade- Beating Boston one reason we joined forces

Dwyane Wade- Describes playing along side LeBron

Dwyane Wade- It took all of us to win the series

Dwyane Wade- James Jones' 3 pointer was the trigger

Dwyane Wade- LeBron and I had much help tonight

Dwayne Wade- Our jelling was a process

Dwyane Wade- We're not close to having Boston's legacy