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Eastern Conference Finals Schedule; Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls


I doubt that anybody thought we would have our Eastern Conference Finals matchup so soon after the 2nd round began, but following the Bulls victory over Atlanta in Game 6 of their series, we now know that the top 2 seeds in the East will be colliding for the right to go to the NBA Finals. Game 1 will be Sunday night from the United Center, and don't be surprised when a lot of the talk leading up to the game is about the Bulls sweeping the regular season series against the Heat. Chicago won those 3 games by a combined total of 8 points, and as we saw with Boston, the regular season meetings don't mean much in the playoffs.

Game 1: Heat @ Bulls, Sunday May 15th United Center- 8:00pm TNT

Game 2: Heat @ Bulls, Wednesday May 18th United Center- 8:30pm TNT

Game 3: Bulls @ Heat, Sunday May 22nd American Airlines Arena- 8:30pm TNT

Game 4: Bulls @ Heat, Tuesday May 24th American Airlines Arena- 8:30pm TNT

*Game 5: Heat @ Bulls, Thursday May 26th United Center- 8:30pm TNT

*Game 6: Bulls @ Heat, Saturday May 28th American Airlines Arena- 8:30pm TNT

*Game 7: Heat @ Bulls, Monday May 30th United Center- 8:30pm TNT

*If Necessary