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Playoff Podcast #4 - Heat vs Bulls Series Edition

The Miami Heat have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 4th time in franchise history and now get the arduous task to take on the prodigious Bulls, where league MVP Derrick Rose and his surroundings take on a momentous Miami Heat three-way brigade. The HHH crew gathers after hours for some Bulls-Series chat, trailing off into some light digs at an aging Kobe. You can listen or download HERE for now until the upload to iTunes is complete.


  • Bulls taking 6 games to close the series versus Hawks?
  • How important will home court advantage be for the Bulls?
  • Will anyone other than the Big Three show up? Does it matter?
  • How did the Bulls beat the Heat three times?
  • Predictions on the series.
  • If Miami reach the Finals, who would you rather have them pitted against?
  • Bonus: Wade getting 2nd Team All-NBA?
  • Bonus #2: LaMarcus Aldridge got more votes than Chris Bosh.


"[Hawks], you can make a case, are worse team than the 76ers."

"They had to give Billups the MVP because, somebody had to win it"

"[The Bulls offense] can win you games against Indiana. It can’t win games against the Heat."

"The atmosphere in Boston is pretty rough, can’t get much worse than that"

"I’m not going to say the Bulls barely beat the Hawks"

"You can jot me down for 5 [games]"

"Wade is a better 2 guard than Kobe Bryant, and a better basketball player than Rose is"

"If you have to pit the best 5 players and pit them against the Space Jam guys"

"Didn’t we agree in the First Round that Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA?"

Disclaimer Note: Podcasts at 2 AM may be detrimental to your thought process.