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Hot Hot Bullets - May 16


The internet is an amazing place for playoff basketball. The work being done by writers today is truly amazing. The swiftness in which information is gathered and processed tends to blow my mind. Here's what I've been reading today. If you have any links you've enjoyed, or writers I should hone in on, send me a link. I'm going to continue to link to work I find interesting over the course of the postseason.

  • The Heat were pounded on the offensive glass by Joakim Noah and the rest of the Bulls. The Heat will need to figure out what went wrong and how to fix the problem if they are to have any chance of winning this series.
  • Speaking of the offensive rebounding woes, Kevin Arnovitz of the Heat Index on ESPN goes rebound by rebound and reveals the culprits. It's safe to say that Chris Bosh's 30 points lose some of their luster through this exercise.
  • Finally, perspective is needed in any situations like these. Much of what caused the Bulls offensive rebounds was lack of hustle or effort, but much can also be attributed to bad luck and randomness. The Heat's defense regularly caused bad shots on first attempts, it was the second looks that killed the Heat.

I'll have my own thoughts on Game 1 published in the near future, but these links should more than hold you over until then.

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