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Hot Hot Bullets - May 18

Here are some links to look over before Game 2 tonight.

Hope you enjoy those as much as I did. Now for the game at hand. After watching the film, I am far less concerned than I was immediately following Game 1. I believe that many of the Bulls' offensive rebounds were gifts of pure chance or results of lack of hustle. You just have to hope the first evens out in Game 2 and that the second was addressed in practice. I think after a series against the Boston Celtics where there was no pressure on the defensive glass, the Heat were caught off guard and overwhelmed. Also, I don't think Chicago can keep up it's torrid pace from three and on long twos. LeBron James struggle in Game 1 was no surprise to me, he's done it in each opening game this postseason. If he can shake off his cold, I think we'll see LeBron break out. He's been great when able to stand back from reassess how a defense attacks him.

The Heat need a win tonight, let's hope they get it.

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