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Crew Chief Dan Crawford Interview After Game 1

Crew chief Dan Crawford was interviewed by a pool reporter right after Game 1 of the Heat vs Celtics 2nd round series. Below is a transcript of the controlled interview. Crawford was not made available to the rest of the media.

What did Paul Pierce do for the technical after the James Jones foul with 7:59 left?

The first technical foul, it was contact during a dead ball. He approached Jones and got right in his face. There wasn't a head-butt, but he got right into his face after a hard foul.

What did Pierce do to merit the 2nd technical with 7:00 remaining?

It's what we call a verbal taunt. He directed profanity towards Wade. And in the rulebook, that is a verbal taunt. And it just so happened to be Pierce's second technical foul.

Why did Jones merit a technical foul?

We just looked at that. It was Jones' hard foul that pretty much precipitated Paul doing what he did. The technical foul on Jones will probably be looked at. He didn't do as much as we thought. We thought he got in and became aggressive or initiated. But after looking at video, that's something that we'll have to look at again.

And was Dwyane Wade's technical for the foul, verbal taunting or otherwise?

He actually walked toward Pierce and that's why Wade received his, walking towards Pierce and then Pierce's reaction to that.