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Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls: Game 3 preview sound

After their win in Game 2 on Wednesday night, the Miami Heat returned home and got a well deserved day off on Thursday.  Considering they spent almost a full week in Chicago thanks to this ridiculously drawn out scheduling (thanks Oprah), getting a full day to relax in their own homes and sleep in their own beds had to have been a pretty rewarding feeling.

Knowing this team, I'm sure they were anxious to get back to work, and on Friday that's just what they did.  Erik Spoelstra rounded up the troops and held practice at the AAA as the Heat prepare for Game 3 on Sunday night.  Almost everyone participated, but Mike Miller wasn't there because his wife is expecting to give birth any time now, and Udonis Haslem sat out as a precaution but said that if there was a game on Friday that he definitely would have been playing. 

Follow the jump to hear the post-practice audio from the usual suspects, Erik Spoelstra and the Big 3, as well as Udonis Haslem.  To hear the cut just click on the file you want to hear and it should open and play in your browser.

Erik Spoelstra- Any scoring Udonis does is a bonus

Erik Spoelstra- End of game 2 a precursor of things to come

Erik Spoelstra- Limiting errors will go a long way towards winning

Erik Spoelstra- We can't assume we'll always win at home

Erik Spoelstra- Great to have lineup of big 3 with Udonis and Miller

Erik Spoelstra- This series has taken a physical toll

Chris Bosh- Bulls and us make defense a top priority

Chris Bosh- Home court means everything

Chris Bosh- We need Udonis to be blue collar

Chris Bosh- I'm used to playing the 4

Chris Bosh- We've played a black and blue post season

Udonis Haslem- How did your lineup jel

Udonis Haslem- Funny comment about Wade and LeBron

Udonis Haslem- How did it feel to play with Mike Miller

Udonis Haslem- I wanted to fit in

LeBron James- How to play defense vs Rose

LeBron James- Defending Rose takes a village

LeBron James- I'll log as many minutes as necessary

LeBron James- We must be relentless in Game 3

LeBron James- We finally solved the 3rd quarter doldrums

Dwyane Wade- It take a team effort to guard Rose

Dwyane Wade- Neither team hates the other one

Dwyane Wade- This is a bruising matchup

Dwyane Wade- We know Rose will score on our tough defense

Dwyane Wade- What they want from Haslem going forward

Dwyane Wade- Defense not only thing needed to win a title

Dwyane Wade- Loved seeing Udonis back on the court