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Hot Hot Bullets - May 23

Huzzah! Another edition of the Hot Hot Bullets. As always, if I missed anything worth mentioning, send me a link.

  • All series the Heat have done a nice job of slowing the Bulls' bread and butter, the pick and roll. One of the reasons the Heat have been able to shut Chicago down is the Heat's team speed. My podcasting buddy, Mosi Platt, pointed this out a long time ago.


  • Speaking of adjustments, Erick Spoelstra has had to make quite a few this series against the Bulls. Not much credit has been given to Spo this year, especially not compared to Tom Thibodeau. Beckley Mason takes a look at how Spo has adjusted to play Chicago.
  • Chris Bosh has been fantastic on the defensive end of the floor all season and into this postseason. Coming from Toronto, this is something many people probably didn't see coming. Well, Bosh's defensive progress started long ago in China at the 2008 Summer Olympics as explained by Tom Haberstroh.
  • On a more serious note, last night featured an unfortunate incident including a fan and Joakim Noah. Kevin Arnovitz had a sit down with Noah to try and get an understanding of why Noah said what he did. Similar incidents occured with Kobe Bryant uttering the same words and with LeBron James calling a question "retarded." Andy Hutchins takes a look at how the situations compare. I think it's a good read considering what happen with Noah last night.

That's all I've got for the links. As for the series at hand, Games 2 and 3 have played out like I expected the series to. The Heat and Bulls both have fantastic defenses, but the Heat's offense is substantially better than Chicago's. I have a hard time believing the Bulls can score effectively enough to match the Heat. Offensive rebounds will remain key for the Bulls. If they can get second chance opportunities, they can hang with the Heat.

I love what the addition of Udonis Haslem has meant to the Heat on both ends of the court. On the offensive side he provides another reliable pick and roll or pick and pop option. Something the Heat lacked with Joel Anthony on the floor. On defense, Haslem gives the Heat three mobile big men capable of attacking the Bulls pick and roll. So far it's been extremely effective. I NEVER would have guessed UD could have this sort of impact. On the personal side I am thrilled for him, as Haslem represents everything the Heat organization is about. Good for him to show up and play well on this stage.

Game 4 is of utmost importance. If the Heat can pull it out, the Bulls will be in serious trouble. Only eight teams have climbed out of 3-1 holes in NBA history. I believe the Heat will win, but I also thought they'd sweep the Bulls, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

Enjoy the game, it should be great theater.

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