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Heat Fans Needed For Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Jimmy Kimmel Show is looking for you, the greatest (or craziest?) Miami Heat fan. Just complete this survey and send it along to

So what are you waiting for?

We'd love to consider you to be a part of this video conference call. Please let us know a little about you by responding with the following information about yourself.

*Email us a few pictures of yourself, casual and straight forward, nothing over the top with costumes or silly faces.
*First and Last Name
*Home Address
*Phone Number
*Tell us a little about yourself
*Tell us something interesting about yourself?
*Do you have a Skype account, if so, what is it?
*Do you have a flexible schedule?
*Do you have high speed internet access?
*We need to test your internet access is fast enough, go to Click on the city you live in, drag to LA and run the test. *Send me the results – I need the upload speed, download speed and Ping.
*How did you hear about this segment?