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PreHeat: Game 5 – Heat at Bulls – Closing it Out

With Haslem & Miller being slowly integrated into the rotation, the premium five have gained momentum, adding to what already was a solid core with a few holes to be filled. Pat Riley’s creation is molding true at the nick of time, with plenty of room for health and improvement.

Miami closed out the Sixers and the Celtics series in 5 without aid, both series executed with the usual defensive deterrents and obvious overwhelm in offensive weaponry. By Game 5, the gargantuan task that had been maintaining pace with the superstar revolution in Miami had worn them down, instilling doubt, questioning the capabilities of their roster as currently built to compete. It’s human nature.

Unless the Bulls can dismiss the factual difference in talent and change history, Miami should be able to close out the series and ready for a 2006 Finals re-match with the Dallas Mavericks. Only 8 out of 200 teams in the same 1-3 scenario have survived, last done in 1981. This is not the time.

When/Where: 8:30 PM ET United Center, Chicago, IL