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Get Your NBA Finals Tickets Here At HHH


We all knew Miami Heat ticket prices would skyrocket as soon as Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh began flexing their muscles immediately after signing their new contracts.

Suddenly, an armada of Heat fans as well as opportunistic profit-seekers rushed forward to wipe out the remaining inventory of season tickets and the Heat organization had to actually let go of some of their ticket sales representatives. After an initial surge in ticket prices, the flood of willing sellers bloating the market (much like what happened to our current housing crisis) and tickets to games, especially to see teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, began to level out to more reasonable prices.

Those days have come and down and just like any championship event for every sport, prices have been skyrocketing upwards since the first round of the playoffs and now it's a near hopeless search for tickets to the big event.

What to do?

You may already know about Hot Hot Tickets, our page dedicated to finding you the best tickets from around the web. But you may not realize is that thanks to our partnerships with both TicketsNow and TicketNetwork, we can now offer you discounts on purchases of $300 or more on all NBA playoff tickets for both sites. Check out the details below.

See you at the venue where the American Airlines purchased the naming rights to!