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Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics: Game 3 preview sound


The Miami Heat got back to work on Thursday, arriving at the AAA at 10am to start preparing both on the court and in the video room for Saturday's Game 3 against the Boston Celtics.  Speaking with the players following their on court workout, the feeling was that they are taking a very business like approach to the next couple of games on the road. 

The Heat players know as well as anyone that when they are playing on top of their game it's going to be very difficult for any team in the NBA to beat them.  Erik Spoelstra does a good job reminding his players of how hard they have to work in order to be playing at their best, but its something they have proven to be able to do regardless of who they are playing or what venue they are playing at.  

Follow the jump to hear what Coach Spoelstra, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh had to say following Thursday's practice.  To play the audio just click on the file and it should open up and play in your browser.

Erik Spoelstra- Venue cant change team intensity

Erik Spoelstra- What he wants from Wade and LeBron

Erik Spoelstra- Bosh has stepped up on both ends

Erik Spoelstra- Days off wont hurt our team

Erik Spoelstra- We still have something to prove

Erik Spoelstra- Team has made defense a priority

Chris Bosh- Expects Boston to play like desparate team

Chris Bosh- Havent played in Boston in a while

Chris Bosh- How Philly series is helping them now

Chris Bosh- Loves to make things happen

Chris Bosh- Not concerned about schedule gap

Chris Bosh- We must keep intensity up

LeBron James- Enjoy being a 2-way player

LeBron James- Rajon Rondo is a great improvisor

LeBron James- I'm playing off the ball more this season

LeBron James- D-Wade opens up many chances for me

LeBron James- Rajon Rondo is multifaceted

LeBron James- When can big plays deflate an opponent

Dwyane Wade- Challenge of chasing Ray Allen

Dwyane Wade- I haven't had a victory in Boston in a long time

Dwyane Wade- Rajon Rondo drives the Celtics engine

Dwyane Wade- The days off benefit us too

Dwyane Wade- Our big plays jack us up

Dwyane Wade- Buy my new shoe instead of LeBron's