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Miami Heat postseason audio, part 3: Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem

Moving right along with our postseason audio series, today we get some thoughts from Chris Bosh as well as a single cut from Heat co-captain Udonis Haslem.  While LeBron James probably got more flack then anyone else on the team, I don't think its a stretch to say that Bosh was the most unappreciated player on the team.  Any time he had a mis-step, fans would jump all over him.  I look at the time Bosh missed time with an injury and how poor the Heat played without him to show me how valuable he is to the team.

He may not have had the most dominant statistics but that doesn't necessarily tell the whole story.  Having the superstar's in Wade and LeBron, the Heat needed a Chris Bosh to clear out space and spread the floor with his versatility on offense.  Follow the jump to hear what Bosh had to say about the season and the disappointment that came with coming up just short of their ultimate goal.  Tomorrow we'll wrap up our audio series with the guy many consider the heart and soul of this team; Dwyane Wade.  

Chris Bosh- Adjustment part to new role surprised me

Chris Bosh- Being within an inch of a goal is great and stinging

Chris Bosh- Can you compare this season to a reality show?

Chris Bosh- I'm confident I'll improve next season

Chris Bosh- Improvements he'd like to make for season 2

Chris Bosh- This was still a joyous season

Chris Bosh- We were on the cusp of a title

Chris Bosh- We're used to each other but other challenges await

Chris Bosh- Why he cried after game 6

Udonis Haslem- I'm mentally drained and not thinking about lockout