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Miami Heat postseason audio, part 4: Dwyane Wade

We wrap up our postseason audio series with the Miami Heat's main man, the leader and face of the franchise...Dwyane Wade.  He had perhaps the most tolling year out of anyone, going through free agency, a very hard custody battle and then a season spent under the microscope.  I'm sure this will be a summer spent relaxing and preparing for the next battle, but its guaranteed to be an easier summer then the one of 2010.

Follow the jump to hear from Wade as he talks about a bevy of topics.  It's been a great season to be a Heat fan and a great time in general, because the future could not be brighter and I guarantee you that any team out there would trade places with us, no matter what they say.  Go Heat!

Dwyane Wade- Bosh and all of us adjusted to each other well

Dwyane Wade- I'm trying to emerge from this deep funk

Dwyane Wade- Jelling enough to win title right away is rare

Dwyane Wade- LeBron and I will retain the same dynamic

Dwyane Wade- LeBron handled being under microscope great

Dwyane Wade- LeBron very unselfish

Dwyane Wade- No learning curve for us in season 2

Dwyane Wade- This is a team of unified hard working pros

Dwyane Wade- We all jelled well together