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More Miami Heat audio: Pat Riley press conference

Just when you thought we were done with the audio, the great and wonderful Pat Riley hit the podium on Tuesday.  He spoke for quite a while and it's been cut up into so many different sound bytes, I'm breaking it up into two parts.  I'll post half today and half tomorrow.  Among the clips that I'm posting today is Riley touching on last summers signing party, his support for Erik Spoelstra and LeBron James, and how well the Mavericks played in the Finals. 

The sound can be found after the jump.  As always, just click on the byte you want to hear and it should open up and play in your browser.  Enjoy...

Pat Riley- Big 3 signing only eclipsed by perfect season

Pat Riley- Bosh had to make painful adjustments with us

Pat Riley- Bosh was ideal this season

Pat Riley- Chalmers has been much maligned

Pat Riley- Complimentary of some media coverage

Pat Riley- Do you regret the Big 3 party?

Pat Riley- Funny answer to coaching question

Pat Riley- I fully support Spoelstra

Pat Riley- I never thought of trading any of Big 3

Pat Riley- LeBron measures games from the start

Pat Riley- LeBron will work hard to reach higher ceiling

Pat Riley- LeBron's skill set is unprecedented

Pat Riley- Loss of Haslem and Miller were body blows

Pat Riley- Mavericks were great when it counted