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Miami Heat audio: Pat Riley press conference, part 2

With the NBA Draft just hours away, here we go with the rest of the Pat Riley sound from a couple days ago.  The man is undoubtedly busy right now preparing for the one pick that Miami holds, but we are fortunate that he took the time to answer questions about whatever the media could throw at him.  These clips have him talking about his plans for the Draft, free agency, and a little bit more about LeBron and Spoelstra.

The files can be found after the jump.  You know the drill, simply click on the file you want to hear and it should open in your browser.

Pat Riley- Must have experienced players to win titles

Pat Riley- On his communication with LeBron during season

Pat Riley- People piled on LeBron too much

Pat Riley- Picking 31st can be beneficial

Pat Riley- Ridicules LeBron go to move suggestion

Pat Riley- Spo will return but no long term extension yet

Pat Riley- Still no answers about LeBron finals 4th quarters

Pat Riley- Terrific season but bad ending

Pat Riley- The Mavs siezed the championship

Pat Riley- We currently have the personnel to win a title

Pat Riley- We'd like to get bigger down low

Pat Riley- We'll likely retain our draft slot

Pat Riley- We'll try to add younger players

Pat Riley- We're not scrambling this offseason

Pat Riley- What are you looking for in the draft