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Podcast: Finals Hangover and the Offseason

The Hot Hot Hoops crew gets together to discuss the aftermath of the Finals and the future of the Miami Heat.

The podcast was recorded on June 19th, 2011 and finally sees the light of day after a series of unlikely chain of events prevented me from uploading it prior to today. Due to the sporadic warble in some of the audio once again, we changed the approach of having one full podcast and instead have it divided by topics for selective convenience.

1. Thoughts on season’s end and the disappointing finish (apologies for stutter in audio).


2. LeBron’s postgame presser, his seemingly defensive reaction and personal admissions.

3. What can players work on during the offseason to improve?

4. On coaching philosophies, running plays and Spoelstra’s performance.

5. Is a collection of shooters the formula for beating the Heat?

6. Udonis, his shortage of lateral quickness and the consequence of his injury for Miami.

7. So many centers.

8. Pretending a new CBA doesn’t absolutely murder the Miami Heat’s future, hoping for Sammy D, Vegas gambling on Oden, tradable assets, the upcoming draft, and dreaming of Curry (not the food, or the player who eats copious amounts of food).