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Game 2: Last four minutes of the game. Heat collapse or Mavericks comeback?

Your call.


Breakdown (Heat 90 – 81 Mavs):

4:00 LeBron switches to Kidd after Terry screens Kidd’s defender, Chalmers. Incredulously, LeBron loses track of Kidd for the wide open 3. (LeBron scowls at Chalmers afterward, possibly blaming him for not switching back. Chalmers not a happy camper.) Heat 90 – 84 Mavs

3:30 LeBron misses the behind-the-back-crossover-dribble-jump-stop-fadeaway in isolation as Shawn Mario guards him. Note Terry doing an excellent job of keeping Chalmers away to deter him from setting a screen for LeBron. Heat 90 – 84 Mavs

3:20 Nowitzki gives Haslem a slight shove, then cuts to the mid-post area where he receives the ball from Kidd. Bosh helps, which lets Haslem recover and double team Nowitzki.  Dirk passes it back out to Kidd who moves the ball to Terry on the weakside.  Terry drives hard, takes a signature Terry stop-jumper over Chalmers’ outstretched hand and nails it. Heat 90 – 86 Mavs

3:00 Bosh sets a screen for Wade.  Wade is quickly trapped and passes out to LeBron on the left wing who routes it to a now open Bosh in the low post.  Bosh faces up his defender, Chandler, shakes him off and dribbles it out of bounds on the drive. Heat 90 – 86 Mavs

2:50 Bosh is on Nowitzki, Haslem on Chandler.  Eager to trap the ball-handler, they both step out allowing Dirk to cut to an open area and nail the jumper. Heat 90 – 88 Mavs

2:30 Haslem sets a screen for Wade at the top of the key and Wade drives left where Nowitzki is set to help.  Wade passes out of the double team for an open Haslem who misses the 15-footer from the free-throw line (usually shoots around 40% from said distance). Heat 90 – 88 Mavs

2:10 Solid defensive possession from Miami.  James blocks Dirk on the desperation shot, ball lands on Kidd who takes a shot/pass that Chandler attempts to dunk but Wade deters him. Heat 90 – 88 Mavs

1:40 Chalmers sets a pick on LeBron’s defender, Marion.  Terry swiftly cuts off LeBrons’ path which allows Marion to recover.  LeBron misses the Hero Mode 3-pointer over Marion’s contest.  Luckily, Miami re-gains possession as Wade tips the rebound out to Bosh. Heat 90 – 88 Mavs

1:30 After the reset, Heat run a play disintegrated by the Mavs.  First, James fails to screen much for Wade who is smothered by 38-year old Jason Kidd. The pass goes out to LeBron who uses a screen from Bosh to free himself and pass to what he believes is an open Chalmers due to a Haslem screen.  Terry recovers and Chalmers drives, attracting Nowitzki to help.  A wide open Haslem hesitates to take the shot (can’t blame him after the previous miss) and passes out to LeBron at the top of the key who has to take another contested hero shot. Heat 90 – 88 Mavs

1:00 Haslem rebounds LeBron’s miss and attempts a putback but the ball is swiped by Terry.  Haslem attempts to recover the ball (questionable) instead of letting it go out of bounds and saves it by turning it over for a Dallas fastbreak and a Nowitzki layup. Heat 90 – 90 Mavs

0:45 After running down the clock, LeBron is trapped after Bosh sets a screen for him. Wade comes out all the way out to half court for the ball to be handed off to him, which ends in a step-back missed 3 over Marion’s extended hand (see a pattern? Marion: Difference Maker).  Heat 90 – 90 Mavs

0:30 After staggered picks by the bigs, Tyson Chandlers sets a linebacker screen on Haslem, leaving Nowitzki wide open for a 3. Heat 90 – 93 Mavs

0:25 Terry hiccups on defense, leaves Super Mario wide open for the corner 3.  Impressive chest pass by LeBron.  So strong. Heat 93 – 93 Mavs

0:10 Nowitzki is isolated by the elbow, drives hard on Bosh for a left-handed layup.  Foul to give goes unused, help defense on one of the best players in the world comes late.  Heat 93 – Mavs 95

So which one is it? Both. Miami had multiple opportunities to seal the game but squandered the lead with their questionable shot selection.  Dallas amped up their defense and smothered Miami into said questionable shot selection.  The hero shot had worked so many times this post season it was assumed it would save the day once again, but even heroes aren’t perfect.  Miami loses.