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NBA Finals Preview: Podcast Sound Bites

The crew gets together to discuss the Finals clash between the Mavericks and Heat.

Due to the sporadic warble in some of the audio, we changed the approach of having one full podcast and instead have it divided by topics for your selective convenience:

1. Matchups (Apologies for audio issues).


2. What Are We Looking At?

3. Predictions!

4. Q&A: @Shawn361 wonders who the "Gary Payton" of the 2011 Finals will be. 

5. The Big Five.

6. Q&A: @Miami_Heat_Index suggests the "X-Wing Attack" moniker.

7. Q&A: @Jester136 on forecasting Dirk vs Chris.

8. About the Puerto Rican Lilliputian, Dallas O versus Miami D.

9. Criticism of Miami and Dallas' Playoff Run.

*We realize how silly it is to post a series preview 3 games into the series, but it took us this long to successfully post them in this new medium.  The recording took place on Monday, June 31st.  We're sure you can tell by the incorrect predictions.