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Dwyane Wade fires back in video form against hackers

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Whoever thought it would be a good idea to hack into the personal life of Dwyane Wade has got another thing coming.  According to the Dallas Business Journal, Wade has filed a lawsuit in a Sherman, Texas federal court against someone accused of hacking into his personal e-mail and Twitter accounts.  The lawsuit was filed in Texas because one of the accused lives in the town of Tyler, TX.

The accusers aren't named in the complaint that was filed but it does claim that they stole "confidential business and personal information".  Wade is suing for punitive damages, legal fees and trying to get back all of his business and personal records that were taken by the alleged hackers.  The best part of this whole situation is the video that Wade posted online which was directed at the hackers.  I've posted it after the jump so give it a look, its quite funny.