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Monay McNuggets: Alonzo Mourning cited and LeBron James video


As we begin a new week there are a couple of updates to Heat-related topics that were discussed recently.  First off, the Florida Highway Patrol has cited former Heat star and current executive Alonzo Mourning for leaving the scene of a crash which took place earlier this month.  He will have to appear in court and could face a fine as well as have points applied to his license. 

The incident took place just after 3am on July 17th when Mourning's car collided with another car that had been involved in an accident just a few minutes before hand.  The original accident was between a Chevy Impala and an Audi A4, and after that is when Zo came upon the crash and hit he Audi with his Porsche Panamera S.  Mourning got out of his car to check on the other drivers and make sure they were ok.  After that Mourning left to go home and called the Highway Patrol, who told him to return to the scene, which he did.

The driver of the Audi, 21-year old William Candalerio, is the one who is suing Zo for negligence.  Meanwhile, Candalerio is who was cited for the original crash for careless driving.  Neither him or Mourning were treated for injuries on the scene, though the driver of the Impala was taken to Jackson Memorial and released later that morning.  Instead, Candalerio later went to Aventura Hospital for treatment but has since returned to his college classes and his job at a bookstore. 

Candalerio has hired a personal injury attorney in his attempt to sue Mourning for negligence.  Here is what the lawyer, Spencer Aronfield, had to say about the allegations.

"On behalf of Mr. Candalerio, we are doing our own investigation and accident reconstruction as to what happened.  The charge against him is irrelevant and inadmissible in a civil lawsuit.  We're not trying to destroy Mr. Mourning's reputation.  We respect him and recognize he is an important part of South Florida's community."

They can say whatever they want about not going after the rich, famous basketball player because they know he has money, but I'm not buying it at all.  If Zo hit his car, then fine, let the insurance companies take care of the damages.  But if the kid is uninjured, which apparently he isn't, then this certainly seems like a case of gold digging to me. 

As for the damages, here is how it's looking.  Mourning's 2010 Porsche Panamera S will need an estimated $10,000 in repairs.  Candalerio's Audi A4 is looking at a total of $11,000 in damage, with $6,000 coming from the original accident with the Chevy Impala and then another $5,000 from the collision with Zo's car. 

Getting to the other update, over the weekend I posted about LeBron James surprising several hundred fans by playing in a Los Angeles summer league game on Saturday.  As you would expect, LeBron was fairly dominant in all aspects of the game.  There is now some video footage of James in the Drew League game, so I've posted it for you below.