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Lockout update and more LeBron video

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Amid a week of absolutely no Heat-related news and very little NBA rumblings, there was finally a sign of something good on Thursday.  Sources told ESPN that league commissioner David Stern and union director Billy Hunter, along with all their ‘right hand guys', will meet for the first time since the lockout began almost exactly a month ago.

I wouldn't start breaking out my D-Wade and LeBron jerseys to wear in celebration just yet.  The two sides are no closer to reaching a deal now then they were when talks broke down and the lockout was imposed on July 1st.  The most encouraging thing right now is that they are agreeing to meet, after weeks of nothingness, but make no mistake that the sides are the monetary equivalent of miles and miles apart.

I'd be surprised if the NFL ending its lockout earlier this week had nothing to do with this sudden decision to resume discussions.  Watching another league suddenly end its work stoppage and seeing the way that fans have responded to it surely had some impact on one or both sides of the NBA fence.  Hopefully these talks will be the beginning of a long process that ends in the league resuming normal activities in time to salvage some kind of season. 

Until I see some sort of leeway on either side of this mess, I'm still going to stick with my impulse that we wont be seeing any basketball until at least Christmas.  Hey...I've hoped to be wrong before and I hope I'm wrong about this, but as far apart as the league and the union are, and as stubborn as they have shown to be, I have my doubts. 

As for some Heat-related content, there is a video that was posted a few days ago of the very busy LeBron James making a very special visit to Long Beach and San Pedro, California, earlier this week.  Gotta give props to King James, as he continues to pop up all over the grid making people happy.  It's more then a lot of other NBA stars are doing during the lockout. Good job, LeBron.