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Chris Bosh has returned to Twitter!

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Hmmm....what should I tweet next?
Hmmm....what should I tweet next?

With the NBA in lockout mode, the lack of discussion topics really stinks.  There is no free agency, no re-signings, no scheduled workouts...nada.  The last thing I want to talk about right now is more lockout stuff; It's going to be around for a while and there is no aspect of it that's likely to change any time soon.  NBA fans are ‘lucky' enough to have the football lockout to reference and from what I've heard, the distance between the NFL and its players during the height of their work stoppage was nowhere close to how far apart the NBA and NBPA are.

That being the case, I wanted to make a post about the most relevant Heat news that has happened over the past few days.  Granted, I wouldn't really call this news but it falls under the categories of ‘Big 3' and ‘Twitter' so at least it's a topic that can be considered in the popular region.  The big news is...Chris Bosh has returned to Twitter and is posting messages again.  KaBoom!

Heat fans that have wanted to hear from and about Chris Bosh on the old tweet machine have been out of luck since last November.  The closest thing to hearing from Bosh have been the tweets from his fiancée' Adrienne Williams, who appropriately named her account @FutureMrsBosh. Now we can hear directly from Chris, who not too long ago was one of the NBA's leaders in social networking but got tired of all the negativity surrounding his team and even himself.

He abandoned ship over half a year ago, his last tweet coming on November 21st.  Then seemingly out of nowhere he discontinued the tweet-parade, later telling us that he simply didn't want to be fueling the hate that was being draped all over the Heat, especially at the early stages of the season.  I guess he finally decided that he was missing Twitter too much and on July 1st made his comeback, tweeting out "November..... wow. It's been a minute!!!!"

He has since been tweeting like the Bosh of ol' and I'm quite excited for the prospect of his future messages.  He can be found @chrisbosh if you'd like to become the next one of his followers.  He's got over 400k right now and since he is back to tweeting my guess would be he'll reach 500k very soon.