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LeBron 'decided' to come to Miami exactly one year ago

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Looking back to exactly one year ago, things were a bit on the crazy side for all Heat fans.  We had just taken a huge collective sign of relief when Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to come on ESPN and alert everyone of their decision to sign with, or in Wade's case stay with, the Miami Heat.  For a little while there were a lot of people concerned with losing Wade to free agency so getting him back along with Chris Bosh was huge.

The next step was finding out what LeBron James was going to do.  It was known all over the land that James would make his decision known in a quite public way, going live on ESPN for the aptly named "Decision" show.  It was set to broadcast during prime time on July 8th 2010, and I remember that day being a very long one as we all waited to find out which team would be the lucky one to land LeBron.

After almost an hour of sitting though dumb, meaningless questions like "Are you still biting your fingernails?", we finally got to the reason we were all watching.  LeBron told everyone of his intentions to come down to Miami, and the rest is history (that's still being written).  In the year since then we've had one of the more memorable Heat seasons and had to endure quite a bit of crapola from just about everyone who isn't a Heat fan.

Being that it's the one-year anniversary of the final member of the Big 3 making his decision to join the Miami Heat, I hope we can all take a moment and just sit back and enjoy all the good memories from the past 12 months.  I think it's a safe bet that once the NBA gets back on track and we're playing games again, there are going to be a lot of good memories that are on the way.