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LeBron's Decision, The Fan Reaction Compilation

It's the first anniversary of LeBron's Decision Day and if you're reading this then chances are you remember where you were when LeBron decided to take his talents you-know-where. Since we hear enough about how it affected LeBron, the Heat and the Cavs but what about all those fans hoping he would pick their team?

I took the best fan reaction videos off of YouTube and put together the most interesting clips from fans of the Heat, Cavs, Knicks, Bulls, etc. It's worth noting how quickly fans of other teams not named the Miami Heat suddenly don't like him anymore and later will claim that they "didn't need him anyway". They seem pretty distraught over him not joining his team, despite the many character flaws they uncover afterwards.

Regardless, here is pure human emotion unedited, unfiltered and either delirious or heartbroken within a span of a few seconds.

Happy anniversary!