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Vote For South Florida's Finest Dunker For The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown

We've almost in the middle of the offseason and the current lockout still threatens to derail the upcoming 2011-12 NBA season. What's a basketball junkie to do to get their fix?

If you were a bit underwhelmed by the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest earlier this year then you should definitely head over to the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown contest page and view some amazing highlights of the 10 semi-finalists who are competing to make it to the championship event. They'll need your help to reach the finals because it's up to fans to determine which dunkers deserve to soar all the way to the finals.

Sprite set up various qualifiers in different U.S. cities this summer to find the nation's best dunkers out of hundreds of participants. Brandon Lacue, aka "Werm", from Fort Lauderdale beat out Michael "AirDogg" Stewart (the guy guarding LeBron in the latest Sprite commercials) at the Miami Showdown. Heat legend Tim Hardaway was there to witness the 6'3 Werm pull off windmills and between-the-legs dunks over up to 6 people.


Werm also provided dunk consulting/assistance to Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan in past NBA dunk contests and his "Scoop" dunk was considered by many the best dunk of last year's dunk contest.

Fans can visit or simply click the Sprite banner above to watch each of the 10 semi-finalists' dunks and vote for who they think should compete for the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown crown.