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Am I wrong in thinking that Dwyane Wade won't play overseas?

Don't flash that smile at me, Dwyane....
Don't flash that smile at me, Dwyane....

Last week Dwyane Wade made some comments that I just haven't been able to get off my mind.  Something that I've been pretty sure of is that Wade wouldn't leave his family behind to play somewhere overseas should the NBA lockout extend past the beginning of the 2011-12 schedule.  Unfortunately, that leaves me wide open for disappointment should he decide that playing outside the association is something that he'd be interested in.

Well that seems to be exactly what the case may be.  While he was in New York last week, Dwyane expressed his desire to play basketball this fall, regardless of whether the NBA and the Players Union come to an agreement in time to save the season.  Here are Wade's comments:

"I'm going to play basketball this year.  I don't know where, but I love the game so much that I will play it.  And we will figure that out."

I'm hoping that Dwyane is just optimistic that the NBA will follow suit with the NFL and strike a deal before any games are lost. His teammate and good friend, LeBron James, has already publicly said that he feels there will in fact be a season.  Wade also responded to those comments by LeBron:

"I understand why LeBron said it.  At the end of the day, we are in negotiations.  And you know how negotiations work.  In the 11th hour, it can look like nothing's going to happen. In the 12th hour, we can have it happen.  You have to prepare like we're going to have to be ready for training camp in the first week of October, just like you normally do.  So I understand exactly what he meant.  I'm not that positive that it might happen."

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Dwyane.  At this point, it seems like the NBA and Players Union are far apart from any deal.  Unlike the NFL, who met constantly and held long sessions trying to iron out all the details, right now I feel like ego and stubbornness are playing too big a part in the NBA striking a deal.  Hopefully that changes in the next month or so, because otherwise we could be watching international league games featuring the Heat's All-Stars while praying that they don't get hurt.