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LeBron James gets dunked on...sort of

This is from a couple days ago; another case of ‘nothing better to talk about' news.  For those not aware, LeBron James has been in traveling the Far East over the last week and recently stopped by the Taipei All-Star Game.  Naturally, the people at Nike were talking about all the cool things that LeBron did in the game. He had some ‘vicious dunks', one of his patented come from behind blocks, and maybe something else.

It looks like someone took a video of LeBron being dunked on.  Upon further review, it's a lot more hype then it leads to believe.  James is trying to be fancy with the ball, gets it stolen and then he tries to stop a breakaway dunk.  Nobody gets posterized or anything like that, and it's really nothing special.  To see for yourself, the video is posted after the jump.