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Dwyane Wade: new comments, same message

Heat star Dwyane Wade has been making dreams come true over the past few days.  Back in South Florida after a few long trips that took him all the way around the world, Dwyane is hosting a fantasy camp at the Fontanbleau Hotel for men 35 years and older.  The camp allows these very lucky men to live out some of their basketball dreams by playing with the Miami Heat superstar and former Finals MVP.

Speaking with the media following one of the camp sessions, Wade reiterated some of the thoughts that he had made a couple weeks ago, basically reminding us that he has every intention of playing basketball this coming season, even if the NBA lockout continues.  It's nothing new, but here are his comments:

"I will play (basketball).  I don't know where I will play it.  Just because we're in a lockout don't mean I'm going to stop playing the game of basketball."

All Heat fans can do is keep our fingers crossed that the NBA and Players Union get a deal done so the season can start on time.  As I've said before, I can deal with a delayed start to the season a lot easier then I can deal with worrying about the Heat's superstars injuring themselves playing somewhere overseas.