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Dwyane Wade speaks on many different topics

Heat star Dwyane Wade has been working very hard this summer even though the NBA has locked out all of its players.  Wade has traveled all around the world doing different charitable and promotional events, and currently he is running a basketball fantasy camp for ‘men of a certain age' in his native Chicago.  What that means for the rest of us is that its given media members the chance to talk to Dwyane about a bevy of topics. 

There have been a couple different places that his quotes have popped up over the past day or so.  To save you the trouble of searching around and visiting multiple sites, I've collected some of the more interesting comments and posted them here.  He spoke on things like the lockout, working with LeBron James, playing overseas, being a trendsetter, and more.

On the Players' Union working towards a resolution to the lockout:

"As everyone knows, we're in negotiation and it's not looking great as of now.  But that doesn't mean it can't change.  So, obviously, we're very positive that we're going to have a season.  We just don't know when, as of now.  That's negotiations, and we'll try to make sure we'll have a season for our fans and we don't want to lose this year."

On some players wanting to get more involved in negotiations:

"Obviously, as it gets closer to the time, when our season looks in jeopardy, it's going to be getting more intense and more guys are going to get more involved into it.  I'm not worried right now.  Obviously, I would love for the season to be starting when it normally starts and we won't have to go through this, but we understand some of the things the owners are saying."

On why some guys might have more of a need to play overseas then others (like himself):

"At the end of the day, this is the real world.  In the real world, if you're not getting paid for a whole year, you can give me anybody, you're going to have to find a way to make sure you make up some income, no question about it.  I mean, obviously, every guy in the NBA doesn't get paid the same amount of money, so there's going to be guys that have to take different measures and different steps."

On him and LeBron's chemistry not being an issue:

"We figured it out.  I think we did a very good job.  LeBron was still third in the league in scoring. I was still like fifth in the league in scoring*.  It really didn't change much of our ability once we got comfortable.  Me and him are very good friends.  We're two guys who want to make it work, who wanted to make it work for our teammates to be successful, so we did."

*Wade actually finished 4th in the league in scoring

On the Heat's Big 3 starting a trend for other stars in the NBA to follow:

"Yes, we have.  I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, but more guys are going to look to team up and do things like that."

On why the Heat got so much hatred sent their way last season:

"I don't know. I wish I could pinpoint it.  Obviously, people don't like change.  And we changed things.  We changed the way things were done.  People don't like that.  It takes time to get used to it.  Whenever you're the first to do something, it's not always the best thing. But eventually later on you get to see, it wasn't that bad.  You can look at a guy like Allen Iverson when he first came in the league, tattoos, braids, all these things, it wasn't cool." 

"It was cool on the outside, but in the NBA world it wasn't cool.  Now you see people around the world with tattoos, braids, no matter what profession you're in, it's OK.  But he was one of the first ones, as an athlete, to do it.  And you've seen that he got a lot of backlash, but now it's a cool thing to do.  Anybody can get braids now, anybody can get tattoos now, and it's not as bad.  When you're the first one to do something, it's always the worst, but eventually it comes around."