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LeBron James to make another on-court appearance

Over the weekend there were several sporting events that were either cancelled or postponed due to Hurricane Irene making its way through the northeast, from baseball to golf...and in this case, a pro-am basketball game.  What makes this game so significant?  Well other then the fact that it's featuring several stars from the locked out NBA, its also going to have a certain king whose throne resides in Miami's American Airlines Arena.

For the third time in the last couple months LeBron James will lace up his Nike's and play in a league-style game.  The first one came in Warrensville Heights, Ohio where he represented his hometown of Akron against a team from Cleveland in the Chris Chambers City Classic, leading his team to an 81-66 win.  A week later he played for a Drew League team in Los Angeles, California that was coached by Baron Davis, and led that team to a hefty 33-point victory.

Now his latest adventure will be in Baltimore and he will join a Melo League team that already has Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Eric Bledsoe.  They will go up against a Washington-based team from the Goodman League that boasts Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, DeMarcus Cousins and possibly former Miami Heat draft pick Michael ‘Super Cool' Beasley.

Unfortunately for basketball fans outside of the Baltimore area there is no plan to televise the game or broadcast it on the Internet, but I'm sure there will be fans in attendance recording the monster dunks and things of that nature on their cameras and cell phones.  The game was originally scheduled for Sunday but was postponed until Tuesday at 7pm thanks to the bad weather.  It will be played at St. Francis Academy in Baltimore.

As usual I'll be hoping for some accurate info about the game and some cool videos of LeBron posterizing some poor amateur, and of course hoping that he (or anyone else) doesn't get hurt.  I think its funny how to confirm that he was going to play in the game, James simply told the Associated Press "I'm in" when asked about it on Sunday.  Now we just get to sit back and wait for more news about the game to trickle out.