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Don't expect Dwyane Wade to take his talents overseas

There have been some interesting write-ups over the last few days regarding Dwyane Wade and the possibility of him looking for overseas alternatives should the NBA lockout go beyond the beginning of the season.  While there are no quotes from Wade to sway those who think that he will follow suit with the other pro basketball travelers, those who know Dwyane feel they have enough evidence to think otherwise. 

The most important thing in Wade's life, beyond his basketball career, his contracts and whatever else is of importance to the typical NBA player....the most important things to Dwyane Wade are his children.  Last year he was granted primary custody of his sons and since then has taken a very active role in their lives.  Even with the busy schedule of a professional basketball player in the middle of a season, he still found time to be involved in his kids' schooling, including attending meetings with their teachers.

The point of this is that considering how much time and effort that Wade has put into his sons lives, being there for them and becoming a very active father, its very hard to think that he would just pack up and leave for several months to play somewhere overseas.  He knows that eventually the NBA will resume business as usual, and until then there is no reason for him to leave his family just to make a few bucks and play with his peers. 

Wade is pretty unique in that way.  I'm not saying there aren't other pro athletes who are also single parents, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.  Thanks to his very public divorce and resulting custody battle, it's pretty well known (at least to Heat followers) that Dwyane wanted the opportunity to raise his boys and all indications show that he has been a very caring and attentive father.  That being the case, it's highly doubtful that he pursues any overseas basketball contracts. 

When the American Airlines Arena is able to re-open the doors to its practice court and allow the Heat players to get back to official basketball work, D-Wade will be waiting.  As of now, there have been a lot of players who are showing interest in taking their talents to other continents if the lockout extends past the beginning of the NBA season, but none of those players are from the Miami Heat.  Maybe that's just a coincidence and it will change as time goes by...or maybe its not.