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LeBron James, Kevin Durant put on show in exhibition game

Even in the midst of what would be the NBA offseason, and currently a lockout that doesn't allow players to work out at team facilities or participate in any formal training, LeBron James still looks like he is in midseason form.  Sure, it was in a summer league game that likely featured some less-then NBA quality defenders, but it still makes me happy to hear about how well King James performed.  Oh, and apparently he did it with Kevin Durant defending him most of the game. 

James' Melo League team, which included Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul amongst others, beat Durant's Goodman League team 149-141 despite the scoring champ Durant putting up a game high 59 points.  LeBron finished with 32 points to lead his team, scoring 13 in the 3rd quarter and at several points of the game going head-to-head with Durnat.  Carmelo finished with 27 points and Paul dropped in 16.  CP3 also had some highlight reel assists. 

Around 4,000 fans got to witness the high-scoring, low-defense game, packing the Hill Field House located in northern Baltimore.  Some highlights after the jump...