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Dwyane Wade gets offered contract to play in China

Nothing major to report here, especially when taking into consideration my last post about Dwyane Wade and why its highly unlikely that he would be entertaining any offers to play basketball outside of the NBA.  Still, this is something of interest so I'm passing it along.  Just because Wade is showing no interest in looking elsewhere to play basketball next season, that doesn't mean teams wont still be trying to lure him away.

That being said, there were reports on Friday that a team in Hangzhou, China, where Wade was visiting last week, has offered him a pretty hefty contract.  The team is called the Zhejiang Guangsha Lions and they play in the Chinese Basketball Association, and apparently they offered D-Wade $2 million dollars per month to play for them if the NBA lockout should extend into the beginning of next season.  All this information was reported in Chinese newspaper The Chengdu Daily.

I wouldn't be surprised if more teams offer contracts to Heat players in an attempt to ‘borrow' their skills and fill their arenas, but for now Dwyane Wade, LeBron and the rest seem to be uninterested in moving away.  This story was probably of interest to basketball fans in China, and while he was over there Wade was asked by the China Daily about his plans for the lockout if it causes games to be missed.

"We are not there yet.  We are going to start working out.  The time to consider that has not come."

As for the team that offered him this most lucrative deal, the Zhejiang Lions have had several former NBA players come and grace their 4,500-seat arena.  Former Heat guard Rafer Alston played there, along with Rodney White, Javaris Crittenton and Jelani McCoy .  By the way...that ‘lucrative' comment was made in jest; Dwyane is set to make $15.7 million next season, which would divide up into about $2.6 million a month (NBA regular season is 6 months long).  Combine that with playing from his (second) home in Miami and getting to drive home to his sons after practice everyday, and I don't see much incentive in the Lions offer.

What I find interesting about this offer is that the Chinese Basketball Association either has or is currently considering putting a ban on any contracts in which a player doesn't commit for their entire season.  That would pretty much kill most NBA players' chances of playing over there unless they are currently free agents and are willing to stay there for the entirety of the Chinese Basketball season which runs from December to May.

Players who are under contract with NBA teams for next season are bound by those contracts.  Yes, FIBA did rule last week that players were allowed to pursue alternative playing options overseas should the lockout keep the NBA from starting their season.  However, the ruling also states that those players would have to return to the NBA teams that they are under contract with when the lockout ended and the season began. 

I'm sure that there will still be some players that will want to take a paycheck, make some headlines and go play in some other country that they will be idolized as the Michael Jordan of that particular league.  Thankfully, whenever the NBA and the Players Union get their acts together and end this lockout, there wont be any issues with getting star players to come back to their original teams and get back to work.  The way things are looking at this time, Heat fans aren't going to be tracking any of their players back to the US from across either ocean, especially D-Wade.