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Michael Beasley loses his cool during summer-league game

Another chapter in the Michael Beasley story was written on Thursday night, and unfortunately for Super Cool it was another tale of why Heat fans can be glad that he no longer resides in South Florida.  This latest example come to us straight from New York City's Dyckman Park in the well-known basketball breeding grounds known as Washington Heights. 

It was there that Beasley was playing in a summer-league game, along with local (and national) star Kevin Durant.  At some point during the game, a fan apparently took his heckling a bit too far because it caused Beasley to lose his cool.  The fan continuously taunted Beasley until he finally reacted, shoving the fan directly in the face.

It's not like the fans were able to just walk up to the court and do what they wanted there were professional security crew's on hand to protect the players. From what I've read, it didn't take long for the former #2 overall draft pick to realize what a dumb move he'd made.  Before long, the fan was getting an apology and a handshake from Beasley.

Still, this is just another example of the immature nature of Michael Beasley and why I'm glad he is no longer a headache that Heat coaches and fans have to worry about.  The video of the incident shows everything pretty clearly, so you can see how Beasley let the fan get to him, and how he had to walk all the way over to the fan to confront him. 

If you ask any pro athlete they'll tell you how it can be very difficult to hold back from going after some fans, especially when they say some of the most vile, disgusting and hurtful things you can imagine.  However, part of the athletes' jobs are to learn how to ignore the fans, and you rarely see a situation like the one from Thursday night in Dyckman Park.  But hey...nobody ever accused Michael Beasley of being the brightest crayon in the box.