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Update on the Dwyane Wade, China offer story

A couple days ago I posted about a report that Dwyane Wade had been offered a contract from a team in the Chinese Basketball Association.  The offer of $2 million per month to play for Zhejiang Guangsha was first reported in The Chengdu Daily, but an official speaking for the team later denied the report.  However, the story was already out there.

I also wrote about how I think there is no way that Wade leaves the country to play for any team in any league.  That being said, even if Dwyane feels exactly the same way that I do, it would be silly if he and his agent didn't go over every single offer that comes across their collective desk.  As a professional, you always see what people are offering you, even if you have no intention of acting on any offers.

Wade's agent said that contrary to what had been reported by the Chinese newspaper, they had not received any offers or had any discussions with professional teams in China about Dwyane heading over there to play ball next season.  He also wouldn't rule out the possibility of those discussions ever taking place.

"Neither Dwyane Wade nor I have received any offers like that.  If offers are made down the road, will they be looked at? Absolutely." That's what Henry Thomas, Wade's agent, said on the subject. 

So really, nothing has changed since the last time I posted on this, except that we now know that should any offers be made to D-Wade, he and his agent will do their due diligence and look into whatever is on the table.