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Nick Arison to attend Board of Governors meeting; Glen Rice had an affair with Sarah Palin??

A couple of things to touch on today, and we'll start with more important topic. The Miami Heat's newly appointed chief executive officer Nick Arison, son of majority owner Micky Arison, will be in Dallas, Texas today to represent the Heat in the NBA's Board of Governors meetings. This will be Nick's first major public appearance since being named the teams CEO in July.

Normally this kind of even would be something that Micky would handle. When the Heat announced that Nick would be taking over the position, the press release did say that Micky would continue serving as the Managing General Partner and represent the team at the Board of Governors. However, the elder Arison is out of the country so Nick will be filling in, which he has done on more then one occasion.

There was a meeting on Tuesday in New York between the league and the players' union, which followed a pair of meetings held in the same location the week before. However, the reports from those familiar with what happened in these meetings are not good, as apparently the two sides made no progress in their attempts on coming to some sort of agreement on a new CBA.

Now, the NBA Board of Governors will meet in what is viewed as a very important discussion. They have to figure out where to go from where and how to deal with the ongoing attempts at trying to salvage the NBA season that is set to begin in less then two months. Fortunately for Nick Arison, he has some level of familiarity with these proceedings and can hopefully make some contributions to the cause.

Getting to the other topic, this is more of a gossip column type of story. According to the National Enquirer, which we are all aware is a well-known, highly reliable publication, former Miami Heat star Glen Rice had a one-night stand with former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The Enquirer is reporting that this information came from an upcoming biography about Palin written by Joe McGinniss.

The book is titled "The Rogue: Search for the Real Sarah Palin" and even though I've read that it is scheduled for a September 20th release date, you can order it online and have it in 2 days. According to the book, the encounter between Rice and Palin took place in 1987 when Rice was still playing basketball for the University of Michigan.

He and his team were in Alaska for a tournament, which is where he met Palin, though back then she was known as Sarah Heath. At the time, she was working as a sports reporter for KTUU-TV in Anchorage and I'm sure we can all figure out how the two met and how this supposed steamy affair came to be. Considering this story is about something that happened almost 25 years ago, I'm quite curious to see how long it stays a ‘hot topic'.