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Meetings between NBA, players union to resume on Wednesday

With training camps set to open in the next couple weeks, the NBA owners and players' union are running out of time to strike a deal.  I'm sure that missing games is a much bigger concern to both sides then training camp but still, once these scheduled team activities start getting scrubbed then it can lead to a very slippery slope down a hill that nobody wants to go down. 

Possibly with that on mind, representatives from both sides will get together for a meeting on Wednesday to continue attempting to find some middle ground on a new collective bargaining agreement.  Minus the leaders, the owners and players' union will meet in New York and begin discussions, then on Thursday they will be joined by the major players.

On the owners side, NBA commissioner David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver will be joined by union executive director Billy Hunter and union president Derek Fisher (guard of the Los Angeles Lakers) will all arrive on day 2 of this weeks meetings and hopefully have some negotiating to do.  Beyond those two days there aren't any more get togethers on the docket, but that can be quickly changed if they feel its necessary.

As it stands right now, we're less then two weeks away from the beginning of training camp on October 3rd.  If we're going to look at the last lockout for comparison, training camp in 1998 was scheduled to begin on October 5th and were officially postponed on September 25th.  If this year is anything like that year, we're going to find out in the next few days whether or not camps will be pushed back.

I'm not expecting anything major to come from these meetings, but hopefully some more progress will be made and pretty soon we'll be going into these meetings feeling like some major could actually happen.