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NBA lockout starting to impact season; training camps postponed and exhibition games cancelled

It was something that we all saw coming, but it still stinks now that its happened. The NBA announced on Friday that they were postponing the beginning of training camps due to the lockout. Also, any exhibition games scheduled through October 15th have been cancelled, which for Miami covers the first three on their preseason slate.

The Heat had been planning on kicking their training camp off at American Airlines Arena on October 3rd with a media day, then beginning workouts the following day. There are still another five preseason games scheduled for Miami, falling between October 19th and October 28th.

I'm not sure how long it will be before the NBA scraps those games as well, but we can only hope that pushing back training camps and cancelling the first few exhibition games is enough to get the owners and players on the same page. The players union has scheduled a meeting and an update for the players on Tuesday right here in South Florida.

After that, the players and owners are scheduled to resume negotiations next week. At this point I haven't seen anything from either side of the NBA lockout that compares to the sense of urgency we felt during the final weeks of the NFL lockout. Once those kind of feelings start to set in, then we'll have something.