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James Jones speaks out on lockout, free agency

Heat sharpshooter James Jones has had a front row seat to the NBA Lockout thanks to his role as the players' union secretary-treasurer.  However, when the two sides of the fence held a meeting last week in New York, Jones wasn't one of the 6 people in the room.  Still, JJ has more then his finger on the pulse of what is going on, and is less then optimistic about an agreement being reached any time soon.

"We're very far apart.  There's always a chance of a deal being reached, because these things can move fast, especially as you start to get up against the clock.  I think football showed everyone."

As for his thoughts on training camps, which were scheduled to begin in early October, and the season slated to begin a month later...

"We're polar opposites right now.  Unless something serious happens, I expect for us to miss some time."

Then there was the topic of his own free agency, and if returning to the Heat was something that he would be interested in.

"Most definitely.  I've stated before, I'm a free agent, so that means every team has a shot.  I love my teammates.  I love the organization.  I'm just hoping we can get a deal, a CBA done first."