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Heat draft pick Norris Cole gets workout with LeBron James

Earlier this summer the Miami Heat took a quick point guard in the 2011 NBA Draft.  Cleveland State's Norris Cole has been a member of the Heat since then, though thanks to the lockout he hasn't been able to get any work in with his new team.  Until recently, the only game action he got with any of his new teammates was playing on a team with Mario Chalmers in an Indianapolis pro-am.

Cole seemed to enjoy his time with Chalmers, and had good things to say about their time on the court together, though when the two are playing for the Heat its pretty unlikely that they will be on the floor at the same time as both will be playing the same position.  Said Cole on his time with Mario:

"It was great meeting him, it was my first time meeting him.  We got along real well, made some good plays together out there on the court."

However, a few days before he ran with Rio, Cole received a phone call that absolutely made his summer.  LeBron James contacted the Heat's newest member and invited him to take a trip from Cleveland to Akron in order to join James in some workouts.  Needless to say, Cole made the short trip, and had some very nice things to say about it:

"He welcomed me to the family, the Miami Heat family.  He found out I was in the area.  He asked if I wanted to come work out.  He said I could come work out any time he's in the area, and I said, 'OK,' and I took advantage of it.  It was good just to see how he worked out, how serious he takes the game.  Reaching out, it shows how sincere of a person he is, of a teammate he is."

LeBron was the first member of the Heat that Cole had met since being drafted by the team a few months ago.  James gave Cole the low-down on what it meant to be a part of this team and how seriously they take winning a championship.  They also ran drills together, which I'm sure was a huge thrill for the youngster. 

Cole also said that he has no intention of seeking an overseas job should the lockout extend pass the beginning of the season.  Instead, he wants to join his Heat teammates if and when they get together for some organized workouts.  While he doesn't know what it means to be an NBA player, he does know that its something unlike what he has been used to while playing in college.

"I always try to keep myself in decent condition, but having never played in an NBA game, I don't know what it feels like to be in NBA shape."

Here's to hoping that he finds out sooner rather then later.