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Want Heat Tickets? Make An Offer!

MOHeatSponsored post:

Thanks to their star-studded roster -- with a little help from newcomer Norris Cole -- the Heat, as expected, are off to a hot start. But with your favorite team out of town for such a long stretch of time, you're probably itching to welcome them home when they face off against some tough competition. Want to check out a game at "3A's" but don't want to break the bank? Thanks to the "Pick Your Price" feature from our partners at TiqIQ - now you can! Want to check out Heat as they take on the perennial Western Conference contender San Antonio Spurs? With an offer around $85 each on two "2-star" tickets they can be yours for over $30 off the total price. Gotta be in the building for Heat/Lakers on Thursday the 19th? With an offer around $160 each for two "1-star" tickets you can save $35 off the total price. As always with "Pick Your Price" deals you don't pay any Service or Shipping Fees! But act fast, you don't want to miss out on these savings!

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