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Size Matters

Dexter Pittman had his coming out party Friday! Well, OK, not exactly. Pittman did log a career-high 15 minutes in the loss at Denver, starting the second half in place of Joel Anthony – as the Heat looked for more size on the court to counter the Nuggets' Nene and Timofey Mozgov. So that’s the good news; the bad news would be in those 15 minutes, Pittman recorded four fouls, and exactly as many rebounds as you did, zero. Nene and Mozgov closed with a combined 29 points and 20 rebounds, and the Nuggets really had no trouble getting past Pittman most of the night, who always seemed a step too slow. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for more playing time by Pittman, but let’s be honest, the Heat don’t have many options down low right now.

So with Pittman not impressing, and Joel Anthony seemingly out-sized from time to time, the wild card in the Heat’s Center rotation would seem to be Eddie Curry. Curry is nearing the point where he could be activated and played in short spurts – while he gets his legs under him. Having lost 70 pounds in the off-season, and more since the season has began, Curry might currently be in the best shape of his life. While the theme with Eddie Curry seems to be "don’t expect anything," it’s hard not to hope there is something there, something that is desperately needed. Alonzo Mourning isn't walking through those doors. He might, but he’s going to wear a suit, not a uniform. The Heat need a mainstay down low, something this group of players has yet to have. Last year Heat fans suffered through Erick Dampier, Zydrunas Illgauskas, and Jamaal Magloire – so you can’t blame them if they are hungry (insert fat joke here) to see what Eddie Curry can do.

The realistic hope would be that a center rotation of Curry, Pittman, and Anthony could provide a adequate mix of rebounding, shot blocking, and scoring. While we know what to expect out of Joel, we will just have to sit back and wait to see what Pittman and Curry can provide.