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Photo Gallery: Wade Enjoys Two Cakes For His 30th Birthday Bash

No amount of lingering injuries will prevent Dwyane Wade from celebrating the big 3-0 with his closest friends, Miami Heat teammates and girlfriend Gabrielle Union.

That includes ordering up not one, but two amazing cakes for the special occasion from Divine Delicacies, who were nice enough to provide these pictures. (Yes, they also created the "real" LeBron James birthday cake a couple of weeks ago.)

This behemoth of a cake pictured above with the sugar hat on top was for the private party at the Setai Hotel and was a mindblowing 6 tiers and measured 5 feet tall. It was a Chicago-themed cake with the buildings representing a replica of the Chicago skyline and were also made with cake. The flavor was "Red Velvet with Cream Cheese" and it had Swarovski Crystal bands plus a custom "DW" & "30" created by Miami Cake Monograms. The cake can feed 450 guests.

The second cake (pictured above) was for the after party at Club Mint and is a fondant white 5-tier vanilla rum cake with a painted airbrush design in purple, black and grey. It was topped with a custom "D" & "30" which was also created by Miami Cake Monograms. This fine specimen of a cake can feed 250 guests.

Wade also ordered up a small replica cake for his two sons with a "ZZ" monogram on top. Now that's a thoughtful dad!