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The Real Story Behind The LeBron Birthday Cake Controversy (UPDATE)

LeBron James held court at the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach during New Year Eve's with his closest friends and the newly engaged superstar had a beautiful cake to celebrate it with. As featured on Hot Hot Hoops yesterday, the cake was created at the last minute by Divine Delicacies - who usually churn out cakes for the Big 3 and other Miami celebrities for all their celebratory needs.

Now reports are coming in that there was actually another cake made by a completely different bakery that mysteriously didn't make the cut. Eager to jump on any controversy that involves LeBron, news outlets like Terez Owens couldn't wait to strike at another opportunity to attack LeBron and accuse of him directly "dissing the cake" for no apparent reason and "refusing to pay for it".

From (who also provided the picture above):

Passion for Pastry owner Althea Hickman, a well-known Boca Raton baker, is downright pissed off!

The $3,000-birthday cake she was asked to deliver to James' New Year's Eve party at the Shelborne South Beach hotel in Miami Beach – free of charge as part of a "sponsorship deal" – supposedly wasn't fit for the king!

"It was a great cake," Hickman said. "I could've blown it off because I had so much work with the holidays, but I came through at the last minute. I don't even known what they did with it at this point. They have no respect."

Hmm, I wonder what happened to this cake? Why wasn't it good enough for LeBron?

Luckily for you, here are some pictures that we've managed to dig up of the alleged cake in question taken on the day the event took place. See for yourself what it actually looked like.

LeBron First Cake 1
LeBron First Cake 2
LeBron First Cake 3
In case you need to be reminded of the cake from Divine Delicacies, here it is.

Divine Delicacies LeBron Cake
So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you think this cake should have been presented for the one and only LeBron James? We'll leave that up for you to decide which cake they should have used.

And another thing to those who tried to pin the blame directly on LeBron: No one of his stature holding such an important event like this should even be made aware of things like this happening. The quickest way to get booted out of his inner circle is for something like this to occur under your watch so the fact that there was such a magnificent cake at the event means someone did their job.

UPDATE: Passion for Pastry owner Althea Hickman contacted Hot Hot Hoops to explain her side of the story. While the pictures posted above did not show her cake at its best, HHH simply wanted to point out that this cake was unfit at the time to be presented at the event, regardless of who was at fault as we have no information on that, and furthermore that it was silly to point the finger directly at LeBron James as gossip media outlets were quick to do. We certainly do not wish to take sides in any cake wars and thank Mrs. Hickman for reaching out to us in a cordial manner. HHH has seen enough bakery reality shows where things can go wrong despite the best efforts of the designer and the incident is certainly in no way a reflection on Mrs. Hickman's work with Passion For Pastry.

"I was asked to do this cake at very last minute, I didn't expect bad reviews for something I did from the goodness of my heart. I wasn't thinking I was stepping on anyone's toes. The horrible pictures you posted were pictures after some terrible mishandling of my cake and not the kind of work I am know for. I am proud of what I do and the business I have been in for 30 years.

I was honored when asked to do his cake, I am not a fly by night Pastry Chef and business woman. I was given hours to produce this cake, not days. Thanks you for your understanding."

- Mrs. Hickman