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Erik Spoelstra now having his PGs wear wristbands to help call plays

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Erik Spoelstra spent the offseason looking for new and innovative coaching ways and techniques following the Heat's tough loss in the NBA Finals. One thing that Spo has picked up from Pat Riley is that you can always learn new coaching tools and work towards being better. With that in mind, Spoesltra met with some football coaches and picked their brains for anything he could use with the Heat.

With the gridiron in mind, a new idea crept into Spoelstra's head that he has implemented into his practices. He now has his point guards, Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole, wearing play-calling wristbands during practices and shootarounds to help them along with Miami's offensive system. Said Spo:

"It's not a gimmick. It's just to assist them. They both feel like they're quarterbacks, and we want them to be quarterbacks out there. Mentally, if that helps them think like a quarterback in directing our team, that is good."

I'm sure this helps Norris Cole a bit more then it does for Chalmers. This is Rio's 4th season in the NBA, all of which he has played under the watchful eye of Coach Spoelstra. That being the case, Chalmers has a much better grasp of the offensive system then does the rookie Cole. Also take into account that this season was delayed due to the lockout, which cost players valuable practice time in both off-season workouts and training camp.