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Is LeBron James planning a return to Cleveland?

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A couple a days ago, Fox Sports' Sam Amico posted an article that has gotten quite a bit of attention from both Heat and NBA fans alike. With the Heat and Cavaliers playing each other earlier this week, it provided an opportunity for writers and journalists to exploit the popularity of LeBron James and Miami's big three. Amico did just that, seizing the opportunity to grasp NBA fans' attention by creating a highly unlikely situation.

The article suggests that LeBron James will opt out of his contract following the 2013-14 season (when he is eligible), and then re-sign with his hometown Cavaliers. It's well known throughout the league that Pat Riley runs a tight ship in Miami, and Amico brings up the idea that James doesn't care for the disciplined, hard working brand that the Heat incorporates.

Of course LeBron has never said anything negative about the Heat organization, nor has there been any reports of him being unhappy with the way things are run in Miami. Even though there is nothing concrete to back up this article, its more then done its purpose of generating a lot of chatter and surely getting plenty of hits. If you haven't already read it, you can check it out here.