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Wade is not declining or struggling but guess who actually is?

In the last few weeks, Dwyane Wade has been labeled as declining or to have lost a step. Contrarily, Wade is actually having one of his most efficient seasons of his career while three other All Stars struggle under the radar for some reason.


What Charles Barkley and many other analysts have done in the past weeks, is refer to Wade as "in his decline", lacking the actual statistics to support their theory.

Dwyane Wade is shooting a career HIGH (.504) in FG% and the 5th highest True Shooting percentage (.566) of his career. NOW. Why are his points down? Simple, he no longer has the ball in his hands as much, with LeBron James taking full control of the Miami Heat, which has caused his usage rate and Field Goal attempts to fall. Wade is averaging 15.1 FGA this year, which is the lowest since his rookie year (13.1). In addition, his usage rate is the lowest it's been since his rookie year (28.3).

Translation: Wade is getting the least amount of possessions and shot attempts since 2003. And after all that? Wade is still currently averaging 19.8 PPG, 3.8 RPG & 4.4 APG and as this 82 game season progresses, he'll likely gradually increase to around 23, 5 & 5. They key word here is EFFICIENCY. As long as you're efficient, you cannot be "on the decline".

The following All Stars HAVE statistically struggled this year but have not received the kind of backlash Wade has:

Deron Williams

Coming into this season, there were rumblings of Williams being an MVP candidate but his struggles should not go unnoticed. Williams is shooting the second worst FG% (.387) and 3-point% (.275) of his career. When he was traded to the Nets in 2011, Williams shot (.378) from FG's but most believed he was just uninspired and lacking talent around him. Well, this year he's surrounded with a whole roster of talent, but he's still having one of his most inefficient seasons of his career. And if you're thinking "well, Joe Johnson is struggling too" well actually he's starting to find his rhythm, with a FG% of (.419) for the season but in his last 7 games, shooting (.464). Williams in his last 7 games is shooting (.387) so uh.....yeah he's not improving.

All i know is, a guy signing a 5 year $98 Million deal, who's cemented as the franchise and (MVP) leader of a new organization, shooting a dismal 37% is a bigger deal than a Co-Star (Wade) getting less shots but still shooting career highs in efficiency.

I'm not going to go in to detail for the other two All Stars, because they're not on Wade's level in terms of "super-stardom" but I listed the KEY struggling stats.

Andre Iguodala

Iguodala's FG attempts and Usage Rate is up from the last two seasons but he's experiencing career lows in FG% (.421), True Shooting percentage (.506), PER (12.4) and Turnover percentage (18.7)

Roy Hibbert

Hibbert has the same Usage Rate, minutes average and FG attempts as he did last year in his All Star breakout season. Still, he's shooting absolutely abysmal and experiencing career lows in FG% (.375), FT% (.648), True Shooting percentage (.409) and PER (14.0).

Just Sayin..