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NBA Trade Season: Are the Heat buyers, sellers, or just window shoppers?

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It's time for some wheeling and dealing and SB Nation NBA is marking the beginning of the trade season with a theme day across all of their blogs. But do the defending champs really need to be active at this point of the season?

Mike Ehrmann

The 82-game 2012-13 NBA season is in full swing and teams will be itching to make deals now that the unofficial start of the trade season began on December 15. That's when teams that signed players during the offseason are permitted to trade them.

To mark this special occasion, SB Nation NBA has set up a theme day for all the team blogs to speculate on what each of their teams might do at this time of the year. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this current version of the Miami Heat doesn't appear to have much of a role this time around as the roster is pretty much set for the year.

Then again, Pat Riley has never been known to shy away from tweaking his teams over the years but if there are changes to be made, they most likely will come via free agency (perhaps someone like Kenyon Martin, who may or may not be a player of interest for the Boston Celtics) or through the waiver wire later on this season. This was the case during the first season of the Big 3 era, when the Heat signed Erick Dampier as a free agent in November 2010 and then added Mike Bibby the following March after he was bought out of his contract from the Washington Wizards.

The main reason why the championship core returned this season is precisely for roster stability so it would make little sense to shake it up already when the team has a comfortable 16-6 record with room to improve on defense, nor is there much to realistically offer to other teams.

Are there needs for this team? Sure. In a perfect world the team would have a capable veteran third-string point guard that could reliably back-up Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole if they're being inconsistent or injured. How about a big man that can catch a bullet pass from LeBron James in the paint and finish at the rim, as well as rebound and defend the paint? I'm sure Riley is scouring the Earth for two such players that will sign for the veteran's minimum but until then, Heat fans must be mindful of the fact that no team is perfectly constructed from the first roster spot down to the 15th spot. Martin might fill that big man void but his personality seems to be at odds with the Heat locker room and, let's be frank, there's a reason why teams aren't jumping over themselves to sign him already.

What do you think? Are there any realistic trade scenarios that the Heat should look into? We can't pass them along to Riley but perhaps he's reading this right now...